Friday, August 28, 2009

How will BEL311 benefit me in the future?

Dear students,
In the previous discussion, one of you did ask if or how will this BEL311 be useful to you in the future. Well, I remember telling you in class how you'll benefit from learning the BEL311 course ... that is if you can still remember! Now, I would like to hear from all of you ... on how the skills that you are currently learning in this course be useful to you in the future, both academically and also professionally.
Come on, share some thoughts.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My dear BEL311 students,
Hi and welcome to this blog which I have specially created to facilitate the teaching and learning of the BEL311 course.
As you are all well aware, the BEL311 course is a different ballgame altogether, compared to the previous two BEL course you had already undergone, namely the BEL120 and the BEL260 courses.
While those courses worked on your proficiency, the BEL311 emphasises on the skills needed to produce an academic (term) paper at the end of the semester. Hence, all our class activities are geared towards that purpose.

So, after having undergone the BEL311 course for the last two months, I'm sure you've plenty to share with me and your other classmates of your thoughts, expectations and experiences in the BEL311 class. I'd like to hear some frank opinions from all of you ... and DON'T WORRY as there'll be no penalty for any adverse comments.

Rasaya Marimuthu
(your BEL311 course instructor)